Greenfield Solutions

About Us

Greenfield Solutions (mentioned as Greenfield hereinafter) was founded in July 2005, with a mission to promote awareness of quality benchmarks and continuous process improvement in organizations from various industry sectors with the aim of enhancing the worth of their end products and services. Later, in 2010, Greenfield diversified to software development and maintenance services also, and all these offerings, i.e. 1) software development & maintenance, 2) process consulting & CMMI® appraisals, and 3) training services, are currently going hand in hand.

Greenfield is a Transition Partner of the CMMI® Institute Pittsburgh, USA for providing CMMI® related consulting, training, and appraisal services.

The philosophy at Greenfield had always been to act as an agent of change and bring in significant value addition to its customers businesses. On the strengths of its professional excellence, integrity, and commitment to work, Greenfield professionals continuously strive to deliver products and services that ensure satisfaction of its customers and earn the status of Preferred Service Provider from them.


Greenfields current focus includes but are not limited to:

  • Process consulting services for ISO 9001, ITIL / ISO 20000, ISMS / ISO 27001, CMMI® for Development, and CMMI® for Services
  • SEI authorized training
  • CMMI® appraisals
  • Systems development and maintenance
  • Software Engineering training, and
  • Systems Audit, Process Adequacy Audit, & IS Planning.
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